Have you ever had one of "those" rides?

On a pleasant Summer evening, we headed away from the setting Sun to sneak in some singletrack before night fell.

bd_pano.jpg (50405 bytes)

Disaster struck almost immediately. I came into a sharp left drop-off with a little too much speed which forced me to go a bit wide, which forced me to try and put my hand/knuckles through a 2 1/2" manzanita branch (#1), which tweaked my line, which flung me down the drop-off entangled in my bike (#2), which slammed my head into the trail  (#3) before I disengaged from my bike just before I went sliding over the edge of the trail and through another manzanita (#4) before grabbing a branch and arresting my fall. Whew. What talent, eh?

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After that little fun-fest I had cuts in weird places, on both legs and my knuckles..

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But hey, the night is still young and there's more riding to do. We rode this section again just so I could prove that I'm not a complete loser.

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The area where we were riding was chock full of coal mines in the 1840s and 1850s. This area fueled the Gold Rush. Literally.

Here are some of the remnants of those mining operations:

darkcc.jpg (41868 bytes)
A bit dark due to difficult exposure issues, but I'm riding on coal tailings.

There is also a pretty cool mini slot canyon hidden in these hills.

marc_slot.jpg (49526 bytes) cc_hills_m.jpg (94840 bytes) creek.jpg (57668 bytes)

And some slickrockish slabs:

cc_sequence.jpg (165616 bytes) marc_cc_slabs.jpg (66754 bytes)

Once we were done playing on the slabs, it was time for a steep, narrow, rocky, and sandy sliver of trail.

The approach:

marc_sand2.jpg (58410 bytes) poseur_sand3.jpg (66517 bytes) poseur_sand2.jpg (65424 bytes)

In the middle:

poseur_sand.jpg (61068 bytes) marc_sand.jpg (58896 bytes)

The finish (a bit narrow)

poseur_slot.jpg (63852 bytes)

Well, the sand is pretty deep and one my third run through I decided to fly sideways over my bike and tried to put my shin through some sandstone. Not a very good plan.

Especially disappointing was the fact that Marc freaked when I lost it and didn't take any pictures of the bail out. He's been fired, and I'm looking for anew camera lackey.

left_leg_front.jpg (67603 bytes)

That's the best rash that I've collected in quite a while. It's a very good oozer.

After we stopped laughing at me, we headed home.............

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