UPDATE : October 2011 -

Before we get started here, I have very, very good news for anyone visiting Sedona to ride the fantastcic trails.

Sedona now has a world class bike shop, Over The Edge Sports, Sedona. If you break stuff, they will help you. Need trailinfo? They have you covered.

Even of you don't need any of that stuff, stop by and check out the vibe:

OTE Sedona

Viewing information: You have a computer that you're using to view this page. Your computer can play videos. Download the videos, then watch. Good luck. Older mpgs and Windows Media Player WARNING! My current version of WMP has issues playing back some of the mpg videos below. They stutter. Use Quicktime if you run into that problem!

SSWC08 course in HD (70 mb)

ft. bragg redux in HD (67mb)

fruita 07 (243 mb)

moab 07 (183 mb)

norcal at night (71 mb)

solo ride
Remastered Whistler video. What's old is new again as I re-encoded my 2002 Whistler video in higher resolution. Click here.

122mbs of Norcal Winter fun.

WARNING: The Norway '06 video

The New Norway video is not for the faint of heart, or the faint of modem. Rather than make 4-5 different videos that stuck to their own geograhic area, I made one big video. I'm risking viewer boredom due to its length but oh well. It's not like I'm getting paid or something. It's 236mb, 21:34 long in a large format with decent compression quality.

Please save to disk rather than streaming and apologies in advance to the folks in Norway for the slow connection. There's an internet bottleneck somewhere between my fast server in Texas and Norway!



rockville, ca 42mb

turkey creek trail, sedona, az

sedona cruising 50mb

goat camp, az

grouse ridge

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holy cross 77mb

some old north shore action - vancouver, british columbia (98 mb)

eagle's wing - grand junction, colorado (84 mb)

geronimo - phoenix, arizona (36 mb)

gooseberry mesa - st. george, utah
(81 mb)

joe's ridge - fruita, colorado
(44 mb)

joe's ridge and kessel run - fruita, colorado (84 mb)

whistler bike park - whistler, british columbia (84 mb)

haleakala - maui, hawaii (67 mb)

rockville - rockville, california (75 mb)

sedona - sedona, arizona (61 mb)

sedona - sedona, arizona (49 mb)

the ribbon - grand junction, colorado (103 mb)

national - phoenix, arizona (78 mb)

national - phoenix, arizona (97 mb)

milagrosa - tucson, arizona (78 mb)

the crack - pacifica, california (34 mb)

skyline -napa, california (114 mb)

butcher's ranch, 3rd divide - downieville, california (78 mb)

butcher's ranch, 3rd divide ,2nd divide, pauley creek- downieville, california (123 mb)

groovy gravity games - livermore, california (33 mb)

xmas valley - south lake tahoe, california (59 mb)

horsethief bench - fruita, colorado (81 mb)

icarus - fruita, colorado (72 mb)

crack -pacifica, california (38 mb)

national -phoenix, arizona (39 mb)

national -phoenix, arizona (16 mb)

rockvile, california (97 mb)

squamish, british columbia (57 mb)

mr. toad's wild ride - lake tahoe, california (72 mb)



15 minutes of fruita goodliness


207 mb, 25 minutes


åre, sweden


trondheim, norway




the crack


oat hill

mt. elwell


groovy gravity games
a grassroots-style DH race put on by Team Wrong Way


bloopers from arizona

(warning: music might be offensive to gerbils)

broken mesa
st. george, utah


porc rim singletrack
moab, ut

porc rim doubletrack
moab, ut


british columbia

downieville, ca

fruita, colorado


moore fun trail

fruita, colorado

bumpy milagrosa

tuscon, arizona

milagrosa trail

tuscon, arizona



pauley creek/second divide

downieville, ca